Would You Sell the Farm for Halladay?

As the Hot Stove sizzles with the latest news coming out everyday, I have been thinking, Do I want the Yankees to sell the farm for Roy Halladay and risk 3-4 years of not having good prospects or keeping those prospects and keep the young talent flowing to replace your older players?

Give your thoughts on this.
Austin Jackson



  1. mickey536

    Give Jackson the starting spot in CF or LF right out of spring training and dare him to lose it in the first 5 or 6 weeks of the season. It worked with Robinsion Cano. And ir Swisher can claim LF as his with 126 whiffs, and a .245 BA, then why not Jackson with 126 whiffs and maybe .300?
    Put package together to offer for Halladay. Not Hughes, who should start next year, and not Chamberlain, who most everyone knows belongs in the set-up role and the heir apparent to Mo when the time comes. The package offered should be realistic, but not crippling to the future, and should be a take-it-or-leave-it offer. Halladay would obviously be a great addition, but not essential to win in 2010. Not for too high a cost anyway. Not many teams can afford to go after him, so why bid against ourselves, so to speak.

  2. balistes

    so you want to offer the TBJ a “realistic” package for Halladay but dont want to include AJAX, Hughes or Chamberlain. just how realistic would that be?

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