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Yankees and Damon Talking

The Yankees and Johnny Damon are talking about a possible return. Damon was a good offensive player for the Yankees last year and his most memorable moment in 2009 was his long at-bat against Philadelphia closer Brad Lidge that drug out 9 pitches and ended in a single. After that at-bat, Damon succeeded in a double steal against the shift in Philly.

If Damon returns, I would have him as the DH and as of now the outfield would probably be Melky Cabrera in left, Granderson in center, and Swisher in right. Everything could change because rumors are saying Melky could be traded to another club.

In other news the Mets have reportedly offered free agent deals to OF Jason Bay and C Bengie Molina. Boston fans you may lose another player to New York, but to the Senior Circuit club. Though I wouldn’t be to worried of Bay going to the Mets. If they do lose out on Bay they will probably make a huge puch for Matt Holliday.

The AL East is getting stronger too. The Rays acquired Rafael Soriano from the Braves for Jesse Chavez.

The Baltimore Orioles acquired Kevin Millwood from Texas for RP Chris Ray.  

The Red Sox and Texas have reached an agreement on a trade that would send the 2007 World Series MVP, Mike Lowell, to Texas and C/1B Max Ramirez to Boston.

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Hot Stove Season Begins

Some people think baseball is over after the final out of the World Series, some think it’s done after the victory parade in the winning teams city, and some don’t care.

Across this great nation there is a large group of devoted baseball fans that know baseball is never over.

While I sit here on this Thanksgiving Day I was thinking about how hot the stove was getting.

Here is my 2009-2010 Hot Stove wish list for the New York Yankees. It’s a short one.

1. Bring back Johnny Damon: He has proved that he can still play. He was the best player for the Yankees in the later part of the ALCS vs LA and he was THE most consistent player in the World Series. He was the team’s leader in runs scored at 107. His 2009 season was what fans wanted when he first came to the Bronx.

2. Get Andy Pettitte back. This all relies on whether he wants to pitch again in 2010. Andy was a staple for the rotation. His clutch pitching in the World Series is a must have for this team. I know he is getting older but he has good stuff and he may have one more season left in the tank.

3. Solve the cluster in the outfield. Currently the Yankees have too many outfielders. Xavier Nady, Nick Swisher, Brett Gardner, Melky Cabrera, and maybe Austin Jackson. If they execute wish #1 they will have 6 potential outfielders on the Major League club.