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Bob Sheppard Retires

The voice that made games in The House that Ruth Built what they were has now retired.

Bob Sheppard announced his retirement this week and he will be missed by Yankee fans and all of baseball. He was the voice of Yankee Stadium from April 17, 1951 til the last game at Yankee Stadium.

Here are what some fans on MLB.com are saying about Bob Sheppard.

I still remember an article done on Bob in which he said that his all time favorite player to announce was…

“Now batting…for the New York Yankees….# 7….Mickey Mantle…..#7”

But he gave the SAME treatment to EVERY player (Yankees AND opponents) that made ANY visit to the old stadium memorable!

Enjoy your retirement Bob…YOU EARNED IT and You will be missed! – 7Mantle7

I recall that when Jason Giambi first came to the team, Sheppard used
to pronounce his name like it had only two syllables: “Jom-by”. I heard
a story where word got back up to Sheppard that this pronunciation was
considered peculiar, so he went down to the field during practice and
hunted Giambi up to clear up that issue. Giambi told him; “Mr.
Sheppard, you’re the voice of this house. You say it the way you WANT
to.” One thing Sheppard didn’t believe in was the bellowing delivery of
announcers in many other stadiums, as if it was a wrestling event (the
way one Toronto announcer used to say Orlando Hudson’s name comes to
mind–the last “o” in the first name drawn out more than five seconds).
Sheppard believed in just saying players’ names clearly, a practice I
hope his successors stick to. – careeryankfan

I know I was blessed to be chosen to fill in the large shoes of long
time Yankees Organist, Eddie Layton.. Little did I know the real
blessing was that I would have the priviledge to get to really know Bob
as I drove him into the stadium for the last few years of his career. A
place, I know, any Yankee fan would have changed places with me in a
heartbeat! The man is a true gentleman. HIs wife, an absolute
sweetheart. We need more people like them in this world. God bless Bob
and his wife.. good health to both of them.. You are and will continue
to be missed….
Paul Cartier

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